InterACTive Entertainment

Our Improvisational Entertainment

Classic Entertainment & Productions also specializes in interactive improvisational entertainment with over 30+ years of serving the event community. With a wide variety of entertainment offerings, we offer a large selection of fantastic and unique entertainers, actors, and more.

Known for our interactive entertainment, we provide a high level of quality actors portraying look-a-likes, impersonators, historical figures, comical performances, atmospheric entertainment, meet and greet performances and so much more.

InterACTive & Innovating

So much more than just a person in a costume. Through years of live events experience Classic Entertainment has developed some unique entertaining products.

InterACT TV - Live Digital Animation. The concept of merging technology and improvisational performance. Perfect for greeting attendees, as your host or co-Emcee or your Visual "voice of God".

Animatronics - Live remote puppetry with a comedic twist.

Dead Ringers - This one of a kind Living Statue is a fusion of live art, Rock n' Roll and interactive performance.

We are blessed to have highly-talented and skilled artists, many of whom have worked at some of the largest theme parks in the world. They use this expertise to engage guests as Characters, Act-a-Likes, Living Tables, Table Heads, Living Statues and "The" Plant Guy!

Not only do we entertain at corporate and social events but also have been partnering with Theme Parks over the years.  Be it a couple of characters for their events, to seasonal events with DJ support to fully encompassing Entertainment Production.